Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrapped The Pont Neuf, 1975-1985

Early Inspiration:





Seulgi Kwon work 2015, Vanishing Rainbow / Brooch silicone, pigment, thread, plastic, fabric 

Dried-out thin and crispy rice congee with reused tea leaves, tea bag, and metallic thread

Transparent Wrapping with Rice

Stiffened wool yarn sandwiched in between sheer fabric after dipping into rice congee and being dried

Stiffened tassel on wool fabric after dipping into rice congee and being dried

Microscopic views of wool yarn and tassel wrapped with rice congee

Burning candle on top of dyed fabric and its microscopic view

Candle wax on net bandage

Semi-transparent Wrapping with Candle

Burned holes on sheer fabric with melted candle wax. The fabric has been glued with rice congee.

Red and shiny blue candle ironed on non-slip mat and sheer curtain fabric

The wool ball jewellery is 'wearing' my fingers.

Front side: A glove made of wig is 'wearing' my hand 

I wear jewellery 

Jewellery wears me

What happens when the object ‘jewellery’ becomes subject and takes the dominant role?

A glove made of wig wraps my whole hand

The wool ball jewellery is 'wearing' my fingers as if I'm their ring.

Back side

Tissue paper, reused overlocked seam

Recycled electrical wires weaved as little handbag

Tissue paper, wires, polish cloth

Tissue paper

Weaving with wool yarns, electrical wires on a photo frame


All weaving samples.

Metallic foil strip, wool yarn, non-slip mat strip, ribbon, golden strip.

Photo frame and recycled electrical wires

Weaving the Body

Rolled tissue paper, coloured cardboard, metallic mesh fabric, thread, cosmetic sponge, stockings, heat proof panel

Vliesofix, sushi seaweed, quinoa, grains, wool fabric, non slip mat, foil tassel, ribbon, wire train, silk fabric

Early Stage Inspiration & Swatch

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