Eco Jewellery Designer

Based in Melbourne

Vivian Qiu is a sustainability believer, fashion designer, and a leader in personal development. 


Since 2014, With the guidance of Australian fashion designer Jenny Bannister in creating up-cycling fashion, the sustainability fashion door has opened wide for her. With a Bachelor degree in fashion design in RMIT, and various skills in contemporary jewellery making, artisan flower making, embroidery, knitting, book binding etc, Vivian combines all the skills she has, and is passionate to create something unique that makes a difference to herself and the community.


Vivian believes in being transparent and honest with herself and the community. She loves life, and constantly overcome her obstacles, discover new potential, and strengthening core value through adventure with eco jewellery. As a leader at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) 2017, she supported participants in personal development. In 2016-2017, she took a role as ethical fashion coordinator at Moral Fairground to enlarge sustainable fashion community through running fashion shows and events. 


Adventure never ends, let’s stay connected in social media or chat to her about sustainable fashion!