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Dried-out thin and crispy rice congee with reused tea leaves, tea bag, and metallic thread


Rice Congee

Experiment with beeswax and crushed candle to preserve the piece without cracking.

Heating and shaping rice and sticky rice congee fabric

Testing the shape durability

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Permanent Footprint

Unpleasant disruption on garment by jewellery securing technique. 

Loops created permanently on certain area for attaching brooch.

Rice congee material, paint, glue

Linking earring and brooch. Mouldable cheesecloth, rice congee material, cotton.

mouldable cheese cloth after treatment with rice congee. 


Sentiment & Transience

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Brooch 2000 (silver, ceramic, glue) by Lisa Walker

'Trapped' message glued with rice and acrylic paint.

Transient rubbing and disappearance of associated feeling 

Button attached permanently inside pocket

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Rice glued onto thick fabric. Buttonhole hand-stitched.

Square jewellery attached to side pocket with button. When putting hand into pocket, you feel a sense of unique discomfort by rubbing against rice congee material. 

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A quiet piece of rice jewellery half-covered.


Brow Wow Wow, by Tarryn Handcock

Connection with Body


Fake eyelash, eyelash adhesive glue, painted rice

Adhere eyelash to body part

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Project Map

Communication Strategy


Interactive Exhibition:

Wall decoration piece and jewellery able to be removed from wall or display case and be worn by audience.


1-day to 10-day workshop with a focus on personal experience and overcoming struggle in life, and expression through jewellery design. 

Look Book & Publication:

Editorial photoshoot and flat lays for communication campaign.  


In this sentimental jewellery project, I’m challenging what jewellery can be, by honing in sentimental experience through materiality and unconventional jewellery techniques. 


Rice and rice congee are the main materials used in the project. The choice of rice highly relates to my personal experience of being raised in China and living in western country. Sometimes I experience cultural clash in family and find it hard to be the same person as I am in western society. Rice congee symbolises a clear layer of substance wrapping around my body, my thoughts, and even my freedom to express myself fully.


Jewellery, being a complementary and optional item to our clothing, can be detached from our body or our garments. You may not notice its existence after the jewellery has been removed. Jewellery may not leave any footprint on the garment or our body. That’s why I’d like to build a connection / bridge between jewellery and our body or garment, and allow Jewellery to leave a permanent footprint onto garment. Here are the main techniques explored:-


#1. Build a connection between jewellery and garment by attaching permanent button onto existing garment. Permanent loops are created on garment as an adornment, as well as a way to interact with jewellery more peacefully. 


#2. Adhering jewellery to body directly and observe the temporary footprint after the jewellery has been removed. 


#3. Transient and sentimental experience with gluing technique, such as rubbing your hand against rice. It signifies the negative feeling or not being able to express yourself will slowly reduce over time.


This project proposal is at its middle stage and needs further development. This project responds to UN Sustainable Development Goal #12--Responsible Consumption and Production. After graduation, my intention is to master gold and silversmiths skills in Bachelor of Fine Arts (major in jewellery), and then Master degree in jewellery design. 


Project Timeline