Why starting entrepreneurship?

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

What's the concept or main story line for my studio? I had hard time answering this question until I met up with my mentor.

To reveal, my studio’s main focus is design + personal development. When I talked to my mentor, I’ve got all these ideas scattered in my brain, but I had difficulties in speaking out. It almost felt like my studio / the concept of my project covers so many little points, but none of them speaks loudly enough.

My mentor was asking me questions to make things clearer for me and my business. She said, ‘… Have you ever felt so happy, but you calm yourself down and told yourself not to be over happy?…’ I stopped her with my eyes open widely, and asked, ‘are you talking in general, or specifically to me based on your observation?’ She said it was the latter. Then I started talking about my family, and surprisingly enough, my tear filled my eyes.

It was rare that I opened my heart so quickly to someone I met 20 minutes ago. I used to hide things or problems deeply in my heart, because I know once I spoke it out in my family trying to seek advice on how to solve it, I got blamed for it. This makes me feel powerless, unimportant and unconfident about sharing my opinion, or most importantly, believing in myself.

When starting my entrepreneurship journey, I felt anxious about my own business ideas. I have self-doubt. I don’t know if people like my design or are willing to pay for it. In entrepreneurship world, I become so much more extroverted. Every little step takes me courage.

I know there are people who have similar experience, but in different format. Self-doubt and having little voice among their family or friends, are two main things that I’m working towards through my entrepreneurship journey. I want you to walk with me, and feel safe in this design + self-empower community. Let’s ‘light up like a Christmas tree’, like my mentor said.

I want to design jewellery and make art works that speak to myself and later on, touches other people's heart. Let’s share the journey together. Let design empower you in a new way.

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