How Much Space Do You Need in Isolation?

During isolation (COVID-19), we see no space at home is big enough for eliminating the sense of boredom and depression. Some people blame the virus for changing their life and locking them up in home prison. The thought of freedom is an extreme dream, and the lack of space is so desperate. We need bigger space and wider view to satisfy us.


This is a series of photos capturing how much space do U (different backgrounds / disciplines) need during isolation for your creation and joy. 


Layering texture of sky, lake and rock.

Fisherman's fashion

Fisherman's hat as shape of fish belly.

Fisherman's gaze

Reversing image and layering rain texture on car window. 

Fish need water

Fish need paints

Fish need be seen

Chef's recipe

Vegan's anger

Bon appetit

How Much Space do U Need?